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Was quoted $4500.After the furniture was loaded I was advised that the bill would be $8000.

I told them I couldn't afford to pay the bill so I instructed them to unload the truck. They told me to call their office and their manager advised me that I would have to pay 85% of that before they would unload it, (This was a move from Kansas City, MO. to Buffalo, NY. I refused to pay the 85% so they told me they wouldn't unload the truck and drove off.

I called their office and they said that they were on a schedule so they weren't going to wait, and if I didn't show up in New York at the time of delivery that they would charge more money and keep my belongings in storage, at my expense until I paid it. I borrowed a credit card and drove to New York, but the movers were late. They showed up 15 minutes before I had to go to work (on a Sunday morning, I am a pastor), and told me that I had to sign their paperwork before they would unload the truck. I said I would sign it when I came back in 3 hours after service ended, but they said that would interfere with their schedule and they would have to charge me more.

I signed the paperwork and when I returned in 2 hours and 45 minutes, the truck was gone. I opened the garage and found all of the contents tossed in a pile. I paid this company to transport an $18,000 motorcycle as well, but didn't see it in the garage. I spent the rest of the day moving boxes only to find the bike under a pile of crushed boxes.

The bike's handlebars, storage bags, ferring, windshield, exhaust and fenders were either scratched, dented or crushed. Inside the moving boxes we found dozens of broken items so I called the company to file a claim. They advised me to submit photos and supporting evidence of the damages, and they would review the claim and would follow up with me in about 6 weeks. I did exactly as instructed in October of 2011.

It is now February of 2012, and I still have not heard from the company and can't get anyone to return my calls. I ultimately had to submit an auto insurance claim to my insurance company, which did pay (minus my $500 deductible), leaving me around $3500 for the damages.

I should have reviewed their "F" rating with the BBB.If you do business with this company you will regret it.

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